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8 Times Taylor Swift Proved She Is A Big Fan Of “Friends”

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One of the interesting facts about multi-Grammy Award winner and Guinness record breaker Taylor Swift is her undying love for the 90’s iconic TV show, ‘Friends’.

Here are 8 facts that show the “You Belong With Me” singer is a huge fan of the iconic show:

She wishes she had written, “I’ll Be There For You”

The song ‘I’ll Be There For You’ by The Rembrandts was a big hit during the show. In her interview with Vogue, she was asked if there was a song she wished she had written. Her response: “The Friends theme song because of those royalties”.

Credit: Vouge

She watches the show’s re-runs

Like a true fan, she watches the show for hours on end. In a Twitter post where a fan asked what she had done for the day, Taylor responded that she stayed in bed and re-ran ‘Friends’ episodes until 3 PM.

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She favors “The One Where Everybody Finds Out”

Remember the episode where everyone finds out that Monica and Chandler are dating, with Phoebe reacting, “Monica, Chandler! My eyes!”? It’s Taylor’s favorite episode. She even re-enacted Phoebe’s hilarious expression in a magazine shoot’s behind-the-scenes.

She performed “Smelly Cat” with Phoebe Buffay

Liza Kudrow, who portrayed the role of Phoebe Buffay on the show, performed live with Taylor during The 1989 World Tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2015. They recreated a moment from the sitcom and sang the show’s famous song ‘Smelly Cat’.

She recreated a scene from the show during her tour

Taylor’s performances have thoughtfully curated choreographies. On her Reputation Stadium Tour, she recreated the fountain scene of the show’s track where she sings the line “and here’s to real friends”.

Photo Credit: WithChampagneProblems

She ships Monica and Chandler

Taylor’s cats are named after her favorite TV shows and movies (Meredith Grey, Benjamin Button, and Olivia Benson). In a live chat, a fan asked her to name a twin cat. She immediately answered “Monica and Chandler”.

Episode: The One With The Halloween Party (2001) Photo: IMDb

She’s cool with being compared with Phoebe Buffay

8 years ago, a user named sawmestarttobelieves posted on Tumblr saying that Phoebe writes better lyrics than her. Taylor responded with Phoebe’s song from the episode: “The One With Monica’s Thunder.”

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She considers “Friends” her comfort show

Being in the limelight is quite overwhelming, and here’s what she said when asked if she feels lonely:

“I’m around people so much. Massive amounts of people. I do a meet-and-greet every night on the tour, and it’s 150 people. Before that, it’s a radio meet-and-greet with 40 people. After the show, it’s 30 or more people. So then when I get home and turn on the TV, and I’ve got Monica and Chandler and Ross and Rachel and Phoebe and Joey on the Friends marathon, I don’t feel lonely”.

Credit: HBO Max

There you go, Taylor Swift is indeed a fan of “Friends”. She even has a favorite episode! Which one is yours? Tell us more in the comments.

Source: Netflix Junkie, Pinkvilla

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