Baby Monkey Adorably Cuddles A Pack Of Ducklings

We love seeing diverse animals existing harmoniously together. It’s beautiful to see how a wonderful friendship can blossom over different species. How do you feel about a baby monkey and a bunch of ducklings? We all have a soft spot for baby animals.

The video shows eight minutes of adorable bonding of these sweet creatures. A monkey hanging out with his duck friends. Cuteness!

Must be love at first sight

The baby monkey is seen taking a keen interest in the tiny ducklings. He pets and cuddles them while the bunch grooms the monkey’s fur. See how they love each other’s company.

Take a look at how the baby monkey and a bunch of ducklings take care of each other. How cute is that?

Photo Credit: Animals Home

One big hug

Nothing can be cuter than these baby animals hanging out together. Adorable!

We saw the monkey give one of the ducklings a hug while the rest cozy up to him. Hugs are indeed something we all need to feel love, but baby animals’ hugs make it even more special. Literally melts the heart!

Photo Credit: Animals Home


Chow time is extra special for these babies while the ducklings are eating rice, the monkey has his own feeding bottle, enjoying meal time together.

As the baby monkey lovingly cares for the tiny ducklings, they seem to think that it is their mother. Together they play, eat, and nap. They are spending the day with each other exploring their surroundings.

Photo Credit: Animals Home

The video was posted on Youtube with 80 million views. Here are some of the viewers’ comments.

I think he really loves all his little friends.

Just when you think the world isn’t right, there’s this pure love!

Pure love is what I can see in all of them

Oh this is so adorable.

Honestly I cant deal with the cuteness. I love them so much. They are so cute. My heart is melting with love for them so sweet. Cuteness levels of the scale. So funny and sweet. God bless them all.

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