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Blind Cat Acts Like He’s Sighted

What can a blind cat do? Nothing much? Well, let Rudy, a blind tabby cat from Washington, prove you wrong.

Photo Credit: Rudy The Wondercat IG Account

Rudy’s eyes have been removed when he was a baby so he never got to see the world all his life. He and his littermates were abandoned by their mother, and when they were rescued by an animal shelter, it was found out that all of them had serious nasal and eye infections. It resulted in having their eyes, either one or both, removed.

Being adopted

When Rudy’s fur-mom, Anda, adopted him, she was worried about how Rudy would fare in their household. She and her husband tried to put him in areas of the house where he could quickly move around and get used to his surroundings.

But they soon realized that they didn’t have to worry about him.

Photo Credit: Rudy The Wondercat IG Account

Rudy figured things out on his own. In no time, he’s able to climb the stairs like he knew every step. He also adjusted well with the family dog, Moby, and two other cats, Big Kitty and Little Kitty.

Using his other senses

A cat’s senses of smell and hearing are sharper than that of humans. They can hear and recognize sounds and movements from great distances which we cannot. A cat’s nose is small but they are a million times more odor-sensitive than us.

Photo Credits: GeoBeats Animals YouTube Channel

And because Rudy is blind, his other senses work double-time. He can sense when someone or something is near him. He can tell the distance between him and the object or animal. Rudy knows the height of every piece of furniture in the house and just how high he needs to jump when he wants to sit on top of the table or play at the cat tree tower.


Rudy likes to hear any sound, especially of people. He feels reassured when he’s around his family. And like any other cat, he craves attention. He loves to be touched and petted.

Photo Credit: Rudy The Wondercat IG Account

But he shows his love to his family, too. He loves to welcome his dad at the door when he comes home from work and goes on rubbing his head on his legs.

Consistency is key when keeping a blind cat

Rudy’s family keeps his things, like food and treats bowl, at the exact same location so he knows where to go anytime he wants them.

Rudy doesn’t let his disability hinder him from enjoying life. Besides, he’s not even aware of what he’s been missing because he never got to use his eyes.

Source: GeoBeats Animals YouTube Channel

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