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BTS’ RM Shares A Photo Of Himself Smoking On Instagram; Deleted Post Went Viral

BTS’ leader, RM, mistakenly posted a photo of himself on Instagram where he could be seen smoking a cigarette, which he promptly deleted. However, screenshots have already been taken and the image has been widely shared online. The incident has created a stir on social media as netizens debated on it.

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While on a long break from BTS, RM, also known as Kim Nam-Joon, constantly shares fascinating updates with fans via Instagram stories. His most recent one was abruptly deleted because of its content.

The photo of him smoking, which RM seemingly posted by accident on November 11, shows him sporting a chopped hairstyle. It appears to have been taken at an outdoor location with another man also smoking.

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In an instant, the ARMYs went into defensive mode, pleading with the public to remove the screenshots.

On social media, supporters argue that RM is an adult who can do whatever he wants, including smoking. Other fans insist that smoking is not a crime.

Critics, however, counter that though smoking is not prohibited, it should not be posted on social media because BTS is the top K-pop group in Korea and has legions of fans all over the world. RM’s actions may send a different message to young people.

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The popular K-pop group has been on hiatus since Jin and Jhope began their mandatory military service, while Suga recently enlisted for the same obligation. RM is also likely to serve in the military soon.

During a Weverse live, RM promised the ARMY of the group’s long-awaited reunion in 2025.

What I’m thinking right now is, these days, when I’m doing my solo projects, is, this is just a vacation to get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY. So, all the solo work is just a journey, but it is a very important journey for chapter two. It’s a journey to get back home safe, eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025. Thanking the ARMY for their constant support.

BTS RM, 2022
Photo Credit: BTS Official Instagram Account

Earlier, photos of fellow BTS members Jungkook, and V smoking on separate occasions were also posted on social media.

Guys, keep in mind that we have no control over their personal lives. They are grown and mature men. They know what’s best and what’s not. The bottom line is, their lives, their decisions.

Source: Instagram. Koreaboo, Weverse

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