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Coffee World Meets Kpop: Unveiling the Barista Who Could Pass as BTS V’s Twin!

BTS V Twin

BTS V looks so pure and charismatic here… Or does he, really?

If you believe so, you need to look again because the owner of these photos is not BTS member Kim Taehyung or V at all.

His name is Choi Kwang Hyun, a barista, Youtuber, and photographer living in Seoul, South Korea. He has worked in many different cafes around Seoul as a barista.

His Instagram photos are often mistaken by ARMY fans as that of V. He shares pictures and videos of his work as a barista, his photoshoots, his travels around the countryside, and his visits to the different cafes in Seoul.

His Instagram account is like his diary. He shares his thoughts about life, his work behind the counter as a barista, his business plans, and his fears and apprehension if ever he goes solo as a cafe owner. He also posts photos of his neighborhood, his photo shoots, and his travels around South Korea.

His YouTube channel, KwangTube, consists of videos of his daily life and looks more like a cafe vlog. His videos show his daily routine as a barista at a cafe, the different processes of preparing espresso, iced coffee, lattes, and teas. It also had videos of the preparation of different desserts to be sold for the day, as well as baking pastries

He also shares in the videos his after-work activities and strolls around the neighborhood, the food he eats whenever he visits a cafe, his self-care activities, and the photoshoots he did.

Video Credit: Choi Kwang Hyun’s YouTube Channel

He has the same striking handsome visuals and mannerisms as V as seen in his videos posted on his Instagram account and YouTube channel. 

Many followers commented that he could be mistaken as Kim Taehyung’s long-lost brother. A quick glance at his portrait and you would really think that it is BTS V.

Photo Credit: Choi Kwang Hyun’s Instagram

There were netizens who commented that Choi Kwang Hyun’s features have similarities with those of South Korean actor Gong Yoo. Some argued that it’s a combination of Kim Taehyung and Gong Yoo’s features.

What do you think? Does he resemble Kim Taehyung of BTS or actor Gong Yoo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sources: Koreaboo, Instagram, Youtube

Featured Image: V’s Instagram, Choi Kwang Hyun’s Instagram

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