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Couple Replays Wedding In Group Care Home For Gran Who Has Dementia

Bride recreates wedding day for her grandmother at care home

Love always prevails. The bride shared her wedding bliss with her dementia-stricken grandmother when she and her husband recreated their wedding day for her grandma at Eothen Care Home in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

Photo Credit: Mirror

Hannah Jobey and Jay Harris exchanged wedding vows in a memorable ceremony at Brinkburn Priory, near Rothbury, Northumberland, this August 2023 with their loved ones as witnesses.

Sadly, Liz Hobey, 86, Hannah’s grandmother, was not able to attend the ceremony because of dementia. The family decided not to bring her along during the actual wedding day because of the behavioral changes brought about by her condition.

Second wedding, especially for Grandma

The loving granddaughter would have loved it for her grandma to witness her special day, so the couple decided to recreate their wedding day in her care home.

Photo Credit: Mirror

They waited for five months for their second wedding day with Grandma Liz. Esme, Hannah’s sister and chief bridesmaid, could only come home from college after 5 months to join the ceremony.

On the day itself, Liz’s daughter, Ruth, visited her and got her ready. Hannah and Jay then went in wearing their full wedding regalia.

“You look absolutely beautiful.”

Gran Liz was thrilled and her face lit up when Hannah entered. She grabbed her grandchild’s hand, and said “ You look absolutely beautiful”.

Hannah’s father and Liz’s eldest son, Steve, described the moment as “absolutely magical.”

Photo Credit: Mirror

“My gran was so relaxed and happy and that was so important to all of us. She kept holding my hand, not letting go, and looking at my dress.” Hannah shared.

The 29-year-old primary school teacher and her husband also cut a cake together as her grandmother looked on.

Photo Credit: Mirror

Creating lasting memories

“It allowed me and my family to create memories,” said Hannah, who cherished every moment of the touching tribute.

It was indeed a sentimental celebration of love when a bride created a lasting memory of her wedding day for her grandmother in her care home.

Source: Mirror

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