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Dumpster Baby Turned Millionaire Is Giving Back

Abandoned next to a dumpster at two days old, Freddie Figgers grew up knowing how tough it is to live. But he also knew there are great people out there who do good things for others.

Photo Credits: Figgers Wireless YouTube Channel

Bullied child

Though he was adopted and raised with love by the elderly couple who found him, people in the rural town of Quincy, Florida knew he was “The Dumpster Baby”. He was bullied a lot at school and was called names like “trash can boy.”

Even on the school bus on his way home, bullies taunted him. There was a time when his father had to wait for him at the bus stop to walk him home just so bullies won’t hurt him anymore.

Discovering technology

His adoptive parents were already in their 70s at the time he was a kid, so their age hindered them to play with Freddie.

Photo Credits: Figgers Wireless YouTube Channel

To keep him busy, his father bought him a $20 non-functional McIntosh computer in a thrift store when he was nine years old.  

He began tinkering with the computer and even took it apart several times until he was able to make it work. His passion for technology was ignited!

Early jobs

At age 12, Quincy City Hall hired him as their computer technician. And at 15, he started his cloud computer services where he created remote storage for his client’s files.

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He was earning a good amount of money. But he quit school when he was offered a job to develop a computer program that took him four weeks for $8,000.

Developing technology

Figgers first developed technology to track his father who had dementia. He put a GPS tracking device and a 2-way communicator in the sole of his father’s shoes. This allowed him to locate his old man every time he got lost.

Growing up, Figgers saw the lack of telecom service in the rural areas where he came from. That pushed him to develop technology related to telecommunications.

Photo Credits: Figgers Wireless IG Account

Now, Figgers Wireless manufactures consumer electronics and cellular phones and offers cellular service, mobile broadband service, and international calling service. Figgers also developed wireless earbuds that can be paired with a Figgers mobile phone and they provide autotranslation in 96 languages.

In 2017, his company had an estimated worth of $62 million.

But health care is close to Figgers’ heart. He says that his father gave him the inspiration to develop technology in this field.

Figgers Health is a technology developed to help diabetics to control and manage their insulin levels. This technology, along with the Figgers mobile, sends notifications to their health providers, their families, and their insurance companies about their insulin condition.

Photo Credits: FiggHealth IG Account

Figgers claims that every product that they designed, implemented, and manufactured has been for a cause. It’s always been about service to the people and creating affordable technology.

Paying it forward

Freddie believes that there are good people in the world. He says his adoptive parents’ good deeds made him into what he is today.

And he is now giving back the kindness he received!

Aside from his company, he runs the Figgers Foundation, which donates to relief efforts for victims of disasters. They also give scholarships to deserving students and donate teaching materials to teachers.

What an amazing young man!

Sources: Figgers Wireless YouTube Channel, blacktreetv YoutTube Channel

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