Goodbye, Green Ranger. Jason David Frank Passes Away

Green Ranger, Jason David Frank—the “most loved” power ranger passed away at age 49 on Sunday, November 20.

According to TMZ, the cause of death is suicide however none from Frank’s team confirmed or denied the speculation.

During this sad time, Justine Hunt, Frank’s manager asked the public to respect the privacy of Frank’s family and friends, and further expressed his gratefulness to the fans for supporting the Green Ranger up until now.

An Impressive Power Ranger

JDF made a name for himself when he played Tommy Oliver or the Green ranger in the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” franchise in 1993. He was introduced as a villain in the series but later on, his character evolved to the mighty green ranger.

With his impressive skills in mixed martial arts as seen on and off screen, fans immediately get hooked on his character.

Frank then continued to play other adaptations of Power Rangers such as Turbo, Zeo, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Ninja Steel, Hyperforce, Megaforce, and a lot more. He even played white ranger, black ranger, and red ranger.

Aside from acting, Frank brawled professionally at MMA from 2008 to 2010. This ranger is well-versed in Taekwondo, Judo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and others.

Reminiscing Memories of JDF

Fellow Power Rangers of JDF are grieving the sudden demise of the actor. MMPR Black Ranger Walter Jones said he is melancholic that they had lost yet again another member of the Power Rangers.

He even shared a video on Instagram of him and JDF hugging.

Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson also expressed her love for JDF and stated she will miss the driven, frenetic, hilarious, creative, and caring ball of energy.

“Bulk” Paul Schrier and “Jason Narvy posted on Instagram about their shock on Frank’s death as well as expressing his importance to them.

Original Blue Ranger David Yost also thanked the Green Ranger for their happy and fruitful memories together.

Fellow rangers, Christopher Khayman Lee (In Space Red Ranger), Nakia Burrise, (Yellow Ranger), Brennan Mejia (Dino Charge Red Ranger), Blake Foster (Blue Turbo Ranger), Selwyn Ward (Turbo Red Ranger, In Space Blue Ranger), Jason Faunt (Time Force Red Ranger), Erin Cahill (Time Force Pink Ranger) and Catherine Sutherland (Zeo and Turbo Pink Ranger) also showed appreciation to Frank in their respective Instagram accounts.

Sources: Associated Press, TMZ, The Guardian

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