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Inside KRomance: Who’s Dating Who In 2023

Inside KRomance: Who's Dating Who In 2023

Dating news of Korean stars has always been a big story. So, actors and idols are very careful not to reveal details about their private lives including their love lives.

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2023 is a year of unexpected romances for the Korean Entertainment Industry. Some of these relationships announced by the media surprised many fans worldwide. 

Take a look at the list of Korean stars confirmed to be dating:

Caught Us Off Guard

Lee Jong-suk and IU

When Dispatch broke the news of Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU, and Lee Jong-suk’s romance last December 31, 2022, fans worldwide were shocked by the unexpected news. The two top stars have been known to be long-time friends since their Inkigayo hosting days.

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Not long after the Dispatch news, the respective agencies of the Korean stars confirmed their relationship in official statements. The couple also wrote sincere, from-the-heart letters to their fans on Instagram.

Jong-suk has been crushing on IU since their first meeting in 2012. His decade-long one-sided love for the Korean pop star was finally reciprocated when their friendship progressed into love and romance in 2022.

This duo is considered to be one of the power couples in the Korean Entertainment Industry.

Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon

KDrama fans never expected The Glory co-stars to date in real life. On April 1, 2023, Dispatch Korea reported that the two stars were dating. The online media outlet published photos of them together on dates, with Do Hyun even dropping Ji Yeon home.

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According to the Dispatch report, Do Hyun and Ji Yeon became interested in each other when they were doing a workshop for The Glory held in the summer of 2022. Their feelings deepened while they were shooting the said drama. The relationship was an open secret amongst the actors and staff on the set. Their respective agencies confirmed the romantic relationship between the two stars in separate statements.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Jisoo

On August 3, 2023, Dispatch Korea broke the news that BLACKPINK member Kim Jisoo is dating actor Ahn Bo Hyun. YG Entertainment (Jisoo’s agency) and FN Entertainment (Bo Hyun’s agency) confirmed their romantic relationship.

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Kim Jisoo (1995) is seven years younger than Ahn Bo Hyun (1988).  Jisoo debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016 while AHN Bo Hyun debuted as an actor in 2014 with a role in Golden Cross.  He has appeared in several dramas and movies doing cameos, supporting, and starring roles. Some of his popular dramas are See You In My 19th Life (2023), My Name (2021), and Yumi’s Cells (2021) Itaewon Class (2020).

Lee Jang Woo and Jo Hye Won

On June 22, 2023, SBS News revealed to the public that actor Lee Jang Woo is dating actress Jo Hye Won. They met and worked together in the 2018 KBS drama, My Only One. She is eight years younger than him. They were having a sunbae-hobae relationship which later on blossomed into a love affair.

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Jang Woo starred in the K-Dramas The Heavenly Idol (2023), Homemade Love Story (2020), and Graceful Family (2019). Hye Won appeared in the K-Dramas Queenmaker (2023), Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022), Awaken (2020) and Perfume (2019). The respective agencies of both celebrities have confirmed their dating and relationship status.

Still Going Strong

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung

The couple started dating in 2012 and are still together. They are one of the oldest couples in the Korean Entertainment world. They met through a mutual friend. They officially confirmed their relationship in 2014.

Photo Credit: All Kpop

Sooyoung is a member of the K-pop girl group Girls Generation. She has starred in the Kdramas So I Married The Anti-fan, If You Wish Upon Me, Run On, and in the films New Year Blues and Miss and Mrs. Cops. Kyung Ho is an actor with famous starring roles in Crash Course in RomancePrison Playbook, Hospital Playlist, and When The Devil Calls Your Name.

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah

The couple has been together for eight years now. They showed the world what unconditional love “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health” looks like. Shin Min Ah was Woo Bin’s most vital support system during his battle with nasopharyngeal cancer.

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Fans around the world are looking forward to their marriage announcement. In previous interviews, Kim Woo Bin said that he wants to get married when he turns 35. He turns 35 this year and the two stars are celebrating their eighth anniversary as a couple.

Ryun Jun-yeol and Lee Hyeri

Jun-yeol and Hyeri were costars in the Kdrama Reply 1988 in 2016. In the drama, Jun-yeol’s character has a one-sided crush on Hyeri’s character. In real life, the two started their romance that same year and confirmed their status in 2017. They are still going strong in their sixth year.

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Lee Hyeri is the youngest member of the K-pop girl group Girls’ Day. She also starred in the Kdramas Moonshine, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, May I Help You?, as well as in the movie Monstrum. Ryu Jun-yeol dramas include The Taxi Driver, Money Game, and Lost, while his movies include The King, Little Forest, Alienoid, and Believer

Hwasa and a businessman

Hwasa, a member of the girl group Mamamoo, is dating a businessman 12 years her senior. They have been going steady for five years now. They started dating when the businessman was still working in the music industry. He is currently operating his own business.

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Initially, the businessman was reluctant to open his heart to Hwasa because of their age gap as well as her status as a celebrity. But after some time, he was able to let go of his hesitation and started dating her.

He is her advisor and mentor whenever she is about to make a significant decision.

Joy and Crush

When Red Velvet member Joy and R&B singer Crush confirmed their dating status last 2021, the Korean music industry was taken by surprise. The couple met when they collaborated on Crush’s single “Mayday” in 2020. They continued to keep in touch after their collaboration. This senior and junior relationship eventually developed into a romantic love over time.

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Joy has also starred in the KDramas Tempted, The One and Only, Once Upon A Small Town, Unexpected Country Diary, and the movie SMTOWN The Stage. Crush is famous for his soulful voice in R&B and Hip Hop music. He is often called South Korea’s Frank Ocean. He has also released several hit songs that landed in the music charts’ top five.

Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin

If you are a big fan of South Korea’s Running Man Variety Show, you’ll remember the episode of the couple’s first meeting in 2016. In that episode, Lee Sun Bin openly expressed that Lee Kwang Soo was her ideal type of man. They went on a date to play arcade games where Kwang Soo teasingly said that they would get married the following week at the end of the episode.

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In 2018, Kwang Soo’s agency confirmed that the two stars were dating. They are still together this 2023, and their relationship is getting stronger. The “unlucky-in-love” member of Running Man has finally become lucky in love.

Final thoughts

The Korean entertainment industry is strict and sensitive when it comes to dating and relationships of celebrities. Korean fans are possessive and they easily get upset when they hear dating news of their favorite stars and idols. This is why Korean stars keep their romantic relationship secret for fear of public bashing.

Nowadays, netizens seem to be slowly warming up to celebrities making their relationships public. They show support and love for their idols by respecting the choices that their favorite celebs have made.

Do you know any other couples who are not included in the list? Share their names below and the date they started their relationship.

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