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We Fell In Love More With Jennifer Garner After Leaks Of RAK

Jennifer Garner Random Act of Kindness

Jennifer Garner shows the world anew that kindness knows no time nor season.

A video of the actress offering her Ziploc bag of Essentials to a homeless, wheelchair-bound old man is making the rounds on the internet.

Photo Screengrabbed from: X17onlineVideo YouTube Channel

Her act of kindness didn’t end there. Instead, it prompted other people to follow her lead.

A pair of socks and her shoes, too

When the actress noticed that the man was barefoot, she put a pair of socks on his feet and even offered him her shoes. However, her shoe size was too small for him so she asked an onlooker filming her good deed if she could buy his shoes for the old man.

Photo Screengrabbed from: X17onlineVideo YouTube Channel

The video taker gave the old man his shoes for free and offered him a blanket, a pair of pants, and a shirt.

Acts of kindness

This is not the first time Jennifer has shown kindness and compassion. In 2022, “The Giver” star shared on Instagram how her followers could do a random act of kindness to people in need: by filling Ziploc bags with essentials. Her bags contain a pair of socks, wipes, sanitizer, toothbrushes, chapstick, granola bars, hygiene products, and some bills.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Garner’s IG

Moreover, Garner and her children spent last year’s Thanksgiving Day volunteering at Save The Children. In her Instagram story, the “Alias” actress wrote to thank the organization “for including my kids and me — we loved packaging and delivering Thanksgiving food with you, and we were so grateful to meet some of the amazing families you serve.”

On her 50th birthday celebration, the actress also asked her guests to support the Blessings in a Backpack program where they were to fill 5,000 backpacks with food that could feed a family of four.

In one of her Instagram posts, Jennifer stated: “Goodness spreads and a little kindness goes a long way.”

Source: YouTube, Hola, OK! Jennifer’s Instagram

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