Kind Mom Brings Snacks For Child’s Whole Class

They say that a mother’s love will always be felt by her children and those around them. This saying couldn’t be more true when a mother felt the need to bring not just her own kids snacks while they were at school, but both their classes as well.

An important life lesson

One morning, she asked her daughter if everyone in class gets to eat snacks during their break time. Sadly, the daughter said not everyone gets to do so. The mother then asks what those children do instead of eating snacks. The daughter mentions that those kids would just do their homework instead. The mother proceeded to ask her daughter if she felt that it was fair that she and others get to eat while the others didn’t even if they were working. Her daughter, with a sad expression, said no.

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Children always have an opportunity to learn many virtues and lessons from their parents that they will take with them into their adult lives. This mother may have provided her kids with a very important life lesson involving fairness.

The kindness of mothers

Knowing the situation, the mother hatched a plan. The mother then told her daughter that the very next day, she will be bringing snacks not just for her and her sibling, but also for both their classmates. For this mother, when she learned that there are some kids that were unable to receive snacks because they were doing their assignments, her maternal instincts kicked in.

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She felt the need to help these kids so that, in her own words, “no kid will be left without.” Since then, the mom would come everyday to the school to bring the children tasty snacks for them to enjoy.

Honor thy mother

We can all agree that our mothers are superheroes in their own right. It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for you to honor your dear mom. Like how this story’s mother brought children goodies everyday, what gift of kindness would you share everyday to the world?

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