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Watch This Pair of Abandoned Special Kittens Blossom From Sick Neonates to Active Felines

Otter and Bunny were found alone at two weeks old. The good Samaritan waited in vain for their mother to come back for them. So, she brought home the kittens and bottle-fed them. But soon she realized they both had disabilities and health issues that needed medical care.

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

Kitten rescue

She got in touch with a kitten rescue in Los Angeles to hand the pair over for proper care and medical attention. The Baby Kitten Rescue specializes in neonatal, critical care, and special needs kitten rescue. 

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

Upon picking the two up, Caroline Grace, founder of the Baby Kitten Rescue, coordinated with their veterinarian and immediately put Otter and Bunny on medication to treat their health issues.

When they arrived, they were pretty sick. They had an upper respiratory infection and horrible stomach issues and fleas.

Caroline Grace, Founder of Baby Kitten Rescue

With the right medical treatment, the kittens soon got better. They started to become more active and explore their surroundings.

Inborn deformities

The pair both have physical deformities. Otter has short and deformed front right arms while Bunny almost has no front arms. But, their physical abnormalities do not cause them pain.

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

Despite her physical handicap, Bunny has adapted well to her condition. She crawls with her legs, but most of the time stands and hops around on her hind legs. She’s curious and playful as any kitten and plays like she has no abnormalities.

Abnormal growth on the head

Otter, on the other hand, has another medical condition. Caroline noticed a hole on the top of his head where part of his brain pops out. Aside from that, he also has bulging eyes and a slightly bigger head.

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

She took Otter to a neurologist who diagnosed him with hydrocephalus and noted a meningocele on his skull.

Bandaid on the head

Caroline said that Otter is at risk for brain injury and infection, so daily cleaning of the meningocele is vital. She also placed a band-aid on his head to serve as a protective cover should he hit his head and keep bacteria and other infections away.

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

Helmet for Otter

She also posted the pair on their social media page and one of their followers offered to make Otter a helmet. After trying on different sample helmets, Otter wore the perfect one for him. He seemed comfortable with it and didn’t bother to take it off by himself.

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

In spite of his condition, Otter is like any normal kitten. He does not show any symptoms of neurological ailment. He even plays with her sister a lot.

He’s just any normal kitten who wears a helmet.

Caroline Grace, Founder of Baby Kitten Rescue

Temporary solution

But the helmet, as Caroline said, is a temporary solution to Otter’s congenital head defect. For him to live a long and healthy life, he needs surgery when he grows a little older.

Bonded pair

Otter and Bunny are definitely a bonded pair. They love to fight and annoy each other, but they are almost always together. Caroline wants to have them adopted together.

Photo Credits: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

Postscript: A neurosurgeon at the Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital in LA performed surgery on Otter. They removed the abnormal meningocele and put in a titanium mesh to repair his skull defect.

Here’s Otter, over a month after his operation.

Photo Source: Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

Sources: GeoBeats Animals, Baby Kitten Rescue IG Account

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